Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jekyll & Hyde

After taking a few days to process the performance I am able to write down my thoughts of the show.

In the days leading up to the Saturday night performance, I had discovered that Constantine had missed a few days at the last stop for the tour. I looked for info on if he was in the Wednesday night show...yes he was...Then it came to Thursday's matinee and evening show. He sang as well. Friday was good too. Now came Saturday. I couldn't check for updates on the matinee but I did look in the theater around 3:00 and saw no signs for any understudies being on for the afternoon show. 

Then came the time for the evening performance. Walking into the theater, again, no signs of understudies on the board. At this point I'm breathing a bit easier. I looked around for the souvenir stand. Unfortunately there wasn't one. time to find our seats. We were handed our programme and were shown to our seats. Row GG...7th row. Wow. After removing my jacket and getting comfortable in my seat, I take the covers of the program and shake it. No little papers fall out. No understudies. Breathing even easier. There is still a small part of me thinking that there could be a very last minute change. 

Lights dim and I find myself holding my breath. Then...out was Dr. Jekyll. It's Constantine. I just watch him...and listen to him. Not holding back the tears. I couldn't believe that after 8 years I was seeing him sing on stage again. It took a few minutes to get past just staring at him and to focus on the story. 

Constantine as Dr. Jekyll was good. He played the part very well. When he switched to Edward Hyde, I got chills down my spine. The evil that was in his eyes, the way he walked, talked, and that was just amazing.

At the end of the show, there was a standing ovation. When Constantine came out, and took his bows, the crowd gave him the biggest applaud of the night. Even louder than home girl Deborah Cox. (who was stunning as Lucy) Briefly there was a giddy side of Constantine as he left the stage.

This is where I began to shake. I was on my way to the stage door. The walk and wait to get out of the theater was too long. There were about a dozen or so people at the door. Everytime the door opened I held my it Constantine...nope. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. My hands were shaking. I'm not even sure how I managed to stand on my feet. Finally, the door opened and it was him. The shakes went away, I didn't notice my heart pounding anymore. I was just watching him. Talking to fans, giving autographs and posing for pictures. He was polite with everyone. When it was finally my turn, Deborah Cox came over and grabbed him to meet some people that she knew. He said that he would be right back. I continued to watch him. At one point, he looked my way and held up a finger to motion that he will be back over in a minute. I nodded and smiled.

He did come back over. He gave me a hug before posing for a picture with me. I then got his autograph. When he asked me for my name and I told him it was Sherry, he looked at me and sang. "Oh Sherry" 

Before leaving, he told me that New York isn't that far away. Maybe I will eventually get to New York and see him in one of his own shows in one of the clubs that he sings at.

Constantine is one of the most polite, gracious and amazing people that I have ever met.